Research can provide an organization with the information needed to improve the way that work is done. Some research is imperative (customer and employee research), and some is “nice to have” (market research, best practice research, comparative research).

Customer research can tell you what expectations and requirements your customers have of you. Fail to meet these requirements and your customers will buy less, go elsewhere, and tell their friends and family of your unwillingness to meet their basic needs.

Employee research can tell you how engaged, satisfied, or effective your workforce is. A workforce that is disengaged, dissatisfied or ineffective will certainly be reflected as sub-optimal organizational performance. If an organization fails to address employee concerns, your employees will do less, find new jobs, and tell their friends and family of your unwillingness to meet their basic needs.

If you are noticing a pattern here, that’s because this pattern absolutely exists. Improve can help you conduct customer and employee research to help you measure your current state performance, and most importantly, help you devise strategies to make use of the data and improve your organization.

And if your business is interested in how other organizations operate effectively, make use of technology, maintain high levels of customer/employee satisfaction, or find success in certain aspects of their business, then Improve can help to conduct market, best practice, or comparative research and get you the answers you need to gain or keep your competitive advantage.

Survey results are presented with simple but effective analysis that helps to distinguish results that are practically significant to your organization. Green is good, red is bad, and yellow is neutral.