Jonathan White Profile

Jon is a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and over his 18 year career, his knowledge and practical experience has taught him that any organization is capable of achieving significant levels of improvement with the right tools, techniques, and guidance. Jon believes that Operational Excellence can be a positive driver that sets change in motion, and implementing Continuous Improvement practices is almost always beneficial, regardless of industry, sector, or structure.

Jon’s project experience allows him to help organizations build internal capability and increase efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility in their business processes. This is achieved by viewing organizations as a system, understanding current state process and performance, listening to the customer’s expectations, and working with employees to determine what improvements are required. Once improvement options are developed, a plan for implementation can be developed, and Jon works closely with clients to help them navigate the change and ensure the improvements are sustained.

In November 2017, Jon founded Improve Consulting Group Inc. so that he could continue to share his passion and experience with his former and future customers.  Prior to this, Jonathan completed over 125 projects in the areas of performance improvement, research, and analytics with Converge Consulting Group.

Jon is also proud to announce the strategic alliance between Improve and Converge Consulting Group:

I passionately believe in the key message of Converge, “People, Process, Performance”, the combination of which is key for a successful organization. I hope to continue to deliver this message effectively in a close working relationship with Converge co-founder Shelley McLean, and in memory of my great mentor and friend, co-founder Bob Gerst.